Say Goodbye to Rats and Mice: A Natural Solution

Are pesky rats and mice invading your home? Fear not! There’s a simple, natural solution to keep these unwelcome guests at bay, and it doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or traps.

The Natural Repellent: Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is not only refreshing but also an excellent rodent repellent. Its strong scent is unbearable to rats and mice, making your home an unattractive place for them.


  • Peppermint oil
  • Cotton balls
  • Spray bottle (optional)


  1. Soak Cotton Balls: Take a few cotton balls and soak them with peppermint oil. Ensure they are thoroughly saturated.
  2. Strategic Placement: Place the peppermint-soaked cotton balls in areas where you’ve noticed rodent activity. Common spots include corners, cabinets, basements, and entry points.
  3. Spray Option: For a broader application, mix 10-15 drops of peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray around the perimeter of rooms, near entry points, and in places where rodents are likely to enter.


  • Refresh the cotton balls with more peppermint oil every week to maintain a strong scent.
  • Reapply the spray every few days or as needed.

Bonus Tip: Cleanliness Matters

Rats and mice are often drawn to food scraps and clutter. Keep your home clean, store food in sealed containers, and dispose of garbage regularly to make your home less inviting to these pests.

Why Peppermint Oil Works:

Peppermint oil contains compounds that are highly irritating to rodents’ sensitive noses. Its strong, minty aroma disrupts their sense of smell, which they rely on for navigation and finding food. As a result, they avoid areas with the scent of peppermint oil.

By using peppermint oil, you can say goodbye to rats and mice in a natural, safe, and effective way. Try this simple remedy and enjoy a rodent-free home!



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